Trip to NYC 

I love New York! I went there this past weekend for an early birthday trip. Today, August 24th is my actual birthday!

Here are some of the photos I took. 

The hotel we stayed at was the Kimberly hotel, which I would highly recommended. Their food was amazing! My favorite store I went to was anthropologie! I got a few things for my apartment I’m moving into soon! More on that to come 🙂 

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Current Favorite Hair Mask 

My current favorite hair mask is by Davines. It is truly amazing. I have pretty difficult hair to deal with: dry, curly, color treated, thick, etc. This makes my hair feel so soft, healthy and shiny. The first time my hairdresser used it on me I felt like I just got a trim! Davines has amazing products, definitely check them out! 

Favorite Clarifying Shampoo 

My favorite clarifying shampoo is Solu by Davines.

The purpose of a clarifying shampoo is to remove any product buildup from your hair. I have thick hair that does not need to be washed every day so in between washes, I use different products on my hair. If you have a similar hair washing schedule and don’t use a clarifying shampoo, your hair will not look or feel the same. It’s very important to get any build up out of your hair! 

I love this one because it lathers well and also smells nice. I get it at my hair salon, but it can be ordered online. 

  • Make sure to use a hair mask afterwards or a hydrating conditioner because clarifying shampoos can be drying. 
  • If you color treat your hair professionally, you should not have a problem with a clarifying shampoo. On the other hand, my mom still dyes her hair from the box and when she uses this, it removes the dye from her hair. Be careful! 

What’s your favorite clarifying shampoo? 

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Review-Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 

This is my all time favorite treatment for break outs. I mentioned it in my first post I made on my blog “How to get clear skin.”

It is completely life changing because it actually works! You simply get a Q-tip and dip it all the way into the bottle. Your Q-tip will get the clear part on it first and then the pink at the bottom. 

All you have to do is dot it on your break out. Any time I have used it, my break out was gone the next day or extremely diminished. It is best to put it on at night on clean dry skin. Wait until it dries before you lay down to go to sleep. In the morning, use a warm wash cloth to rinse off. 

I can’t describe how much I love this product. Although I don’t break out much anymore, I did very often when I was a teenager. This completely changed my skin and that meant the world to me and still does. It’s amazing what clear skin can do for your self-esteem! 

I bought this product every time at Nordstrom. They have it in store or online. They always have free shipping though! ❤️

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Let me know if you want to see any other reviews! 

Current Beauty Wish List 

These are some items I’ve been wanting to try for awhile! 

  • I love glam glow masks so I really want to try their new moisturizer! 
  • I have a liquid highlighter from Becca, but would love to try the powder form. 
  • I have the first tartelette palette and love it! The new one looks so beautiful! 
  • I’ve heard a lot of great reviews for the it cosmetics CC cream so I’d love to try it. 
  • I love mauve blushes so I’ve been looking at this one from tarte for awhile. I love tarte and hear wonderful things about their blushes! 

Have you tried any of these products? What’s on your wish list? 

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